Launching Your AI Side Hustle: A Blueprint to Success

Plus, we share AI Productized Service ideas

Hello and welcome to the first edition of the Promptosaurus newsletter!

You're among the first dinosaurs to stomp into this new community land, and I'm roaring with excitement to have you join our herd!

The goal is to assist people in starting their side-hustles. With the aid of AI workflows, hacks, and tactics, we aim to accelerate your side-hustle journey.

Here’s what you will learn today:

  • Side Hustle Blueprint - How to start.

  • Ideas for Productized Services using AI technology

Let’s get started! Rooooooaar!

Side Hustle Blueprint

Let’s start with a simple blueprint to kickstart your side hustle:

  • Look for a problem and solve it

  • Produce Content to show the problem to people who have it.

  • Produce more Content to show how good it feels to fix the problem.

  • Position your product as the best way to fix the problem.

Starting with this simple blueprint is key as it shows the steps to make your side-hustle successful. It helps you see problems ahead of time. Think of a it as your side-hustle buddy; it keeps you on track. Without it, you're just winging it in a wild maze!

This is the initial ChatGPT prompt we begin with:

Imagine you are a Side-Hustle Guide who's good at spotting market gaps and coming up with new solutions. Your job is to help someone starting a side-business with a plan that helps them find problems in the market, position their product well, and tell a story that their target customers will love. Your ideas should be creative but realistic, showing a mix of clever problem-solving and smart business thinking.


Problem Finding Adventure:
Go on a research journey to find a big market problem or a need that's not met yet. Look at market trends, what customers are struggling with, and what competitors are offering to find a problem that's ready for solving.
Solution Shaping Workshop:
Move to a creative setting to design a unique, doable solution for the problem you found. The solution should fix the problem and offer real value to the customers.
Awareness Creating Space:
Enter a space where making content is key, and your job is to create strong stories that highlight the problem to those affected by it. Use different methods—blogs, videos, social media—to build an awareness campaign that resonates.
Benefit Sharing Street:
Walk down a street filled with excitement, and your job is to highlight the benefits of your solution, showing a clear picture of how things will improve for the consumer after they use your product.
Product Positioning Palace:
Step into a smart-thinking palace, where your product is placed as the best solution to the market problem. Create a story that presents your product as the best choice, focusing on its better value compared to other options.

A detailed, step-by-step business plan covering the objectives above, with real-world examples, data bits, and helpful insights for each step. Your plan should also have a timeline, success measures for each stage, and a plan to handle possible challenges.

Here is the output:

Pretty neat. Now, you can refine it further with follow-up prompts to obtain a more specific roadmap tailored to your idea. Let’s try it for a content writing service with the help of AI for LinkedIn:

I want to start a side business  providing content writing services with the help of AI specifically tailored for LinkedIn. Please make a specific roadmap you described before. Provide detailed steps with exact specifications.

Parts of ChatGPT output:

LinkedIn content writing services

That's a good start to get things moving. Please test it with your idea and let me know if it helps you see your idea more clearly.

Ideas: Productized Services

Every week, we're going to explore a hot market trend and brainstorm some top-notch ideas leveraging AI. Today, we're starting with Productized Services. It's all about offering a service at a set price and scope, just like what's happening over at Brett there is offering design services and making a sweet 1.5MM a year. Now, let’s see if we can whip up some cool Product Services using a sprinkle of AI magic!

Given the constraint of a 10-hour work week, channel the prowess of an innovative AI entrepreneur to architect 7 distinctive niche ventures, harnessing the capabilities of ChatGPT and DALL-E. Each venture should reflect a productized service model, embodying a seamless blend of skilled expertise, standardized solutions, and systematic delivery to a well-defined clientele. Additionally, envision 3 ultra-niche ideas, taking the ventures a notch higher in exclusivity.

For each venture, delineate the following:

Core Concept: Elaborate on the central idea, ensuring it is innovative and practically viable within the stipulated time frame.
Target Demographic: Identify the specific audience who would derive value from the venture, explaining the problem it solves for them.
Monetization Strategy: Draft a robust plan illustrating how the venture will generate revenue, highlighting any unique selling propositions (USPs).
AI Integration: Explain how ChatGPT and DALL-E will be instrumental in materializing the venture, including how they streamline operations, enhance service quality or offer any other significant advantages.
Competitive Edge: Identify what sets this venture apart in the market, discussing its potential for growth and scalability.
Ensure that the ideas are meticulously thought out to pave the way for lucrative, sustainable ventures that stand the test of time in a competitive marketplace. Your insights should be grounded in a forward-thinking entrepreneurial spirit, reflective of a deep understanding of AI's potential to revolutionize service delivery in today's digital age.

ChatGPT will generate a couple of ideas. Here is one example:

AI-Augmented Social Media Studio

To get more unique ideas, we need to tweak the prompt to see more interesting results:

come up with more interesting ideas, think outside the box

Al-Enhanced Personalized Dream Interpretation Service

It’s getting interesting now, Al-Enhanced Personalized Dream Interpretation Service not something I have thought of 😄 

Dreaming of a bigger roar

You can continue fine-tuning or iterating until you are satisfied with the results. For example make it more personal with your interests. Let me know if some interesting ideas will come out.

Fun Prompt Of The Week

You can use this prompt for DALL-E 3

a picture being taken of a cryptid sighting of T-rex as he runs into the bushes. He turns his head and creepily looks into the camera as he makes his getaway. There's a thick fog, and the scene is dimly lit.

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